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Effective life improvement coaching for anyone falling short of who they really are

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"Dave consistently operates at the highest standard with maximum enthusiasm and energy"

Richard Spooner

Drummer /Song Writer

Sony Records

We Turn your
challenges into

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"If it wasn't for Dave's time and dedication, I wouldn't be living my dream career"

Sylvia Mwenze

Artist/Backing Singer

(Rag 'n Bone Man/Peter Andre)

What do we help with?

We help people create the tools, mindset and self-understanding to build the lives they want, boldly and ambitiously.

Our clients create new stories for themselves and live them. 

Our clients learn to understand their past, why they hold back in the present and how to make changes to write a new future.

Our clients usually come to us wanting help to get better jobs, more money, improved  confidence, better relationships or to get healthier. We help them with these things but go way deeper and uncover things that improve the quality of their whole lives on a level previously unimaginable.

If our clients have not improved their lives by taking actions as a result of insights and tools gained during coaching sessions, we give them back their investment. 

"What age would you take before you showed any symptoms?", I asked my wife. "Seventy-one", she replied. Project 71 was born.  My wife was diagnosed as carrying a hereditary gene that will bring on early onset dementia as it did her dad, uncle, auntie and grandmother. We have built our lives around the concept of living our best life. We don't know how long we have together but we live to make our lives and other's lives as meaningful as possible. 

My name is David Dolling and I am the owner and lead coach at Project 71. I use my vast experience as a qualified teacher, senior education leader, certified coach, qualified counsellor and personal trainer to transform people's lives. 

There's no generic 'programme' here. We truly get to know our clients and do whatever it takes to inspire them to lead the most fulfilling and meaningful lives possible, despite the challenges life presents. We have helped people from all walks of life, from CEOs to rock stars and stay-at-home parents to entrepreneurs. We are here to serve, it really is all about you.

We give everyone a free life improvement coaching session for 90 minutes, regardless if you want to make an investment or not. We love coaching! 

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Why Project 71?

We believe that life's true gifts are wrapped up in the most challenging times.

If you are going through a tough time, feel lost, or simply know you have more to give,  we've got you...

ways you can work with us

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The Breakthrough

A one off session to gain insight on a particular issue. 

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The Life Builder

16 sessions to build the life you want.

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The Kick-starter

4 sessions to get you on the right track.

Neck Ties

The Executive

Corporate coaching for organisations and individuals.

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The Road Map

8 sessions to make real change.

Change Your Life Today
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