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What does A coach do?

A good coach will use knowledge, skills and leadership to unlock a person's potential, to achieve the highest version of success, relative to their goals.

  • Inspire people to create a vision of their life 

  • Collaborate to plan a route map to achieve a person's vision

  • Inspire people to aim higher 

  • Present a 360 view of problems and prompt solutions

  • Share tools for success and achievement

  • Challenge negative thinking

  • Use great questions that lead to insights and breakthroughs
  • Support, encourage and guide people to get what they desire

  • Hold people to account to hit their goals

  • Highlight a person's blindspots

  • Help a person see themselves honestly

  • Help a person create a different story and set of self-beliefs

  • Enable a person to quiet self-doubt and self criticism 

  • Sometimes act as a mentor or consultant

Coaching Framework - Overview.png
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